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50 Bamboo Bee Tubes Ready Cut

50 Bamboo Bee Tubes Ready Cut (WW56)


Pack of 50 Bee Nesting Tubes for Solitary Bees (safe pollinating bees) to increase vegetables, flower and fruit yields in your garden.

These specially designed tubes for solitary bees (mason/orchard/megachile spp) can be used to fill existing bee boxes, or to make your own simple bee nester. From March to August these bee species will lay eggs in the tubes and create a series of cells from mud or leaf. The larvae will develop over the winter period in the tubes and will then emerge the following spring.

If using your own box ensure it is well insulated, or take it into an outbuilding during winter for frost protection. When the tubes are filled it may be necessary to protect the tubes/eggs from woodpeckers. This can be simply achieved by placing some protective wire mesh over the face of the box.

Pack of 50 7-10mm diameter x 150mm clean drilled

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