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Busserks Mantis Goggles Face Mask

Busserks Mantis Goggles Face Mask (IL31)


Slip into these wacky bug-goggles and bug out! Buzzerks give you a bug's eye view of the world - and give everyone else a buggy view of you too! Flip forward the specially designed inner compound "bug-eye lenses" to see how a real insect sees - then flip 'em back for clear viewing. Grab 'em and go ... once they're on, no one will look at you the same way!

Features realistic insect-anatomical features - antennae, spines, leggy earpieces and mandibles. Unique hinged prismatic lenses let you experience true insect sight through compound eyes. All three Buzzerks styles come in bright, eye-popping metallic colors.

Ages 6 and up.

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