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A Christmas Tree for the Birds with Solar Fairy Lights

You can either decorate an existing tree in your garden or use a Christmas tree in a tub. First decorate your tree with Solar Fairy Lights these are available in multi coloured or white 25 LEDS, white 50 LEDS, white 100 LEDS, Extra Bright LEDS or Star LEDS. Solar Icicle Lights are also available. This makes your tree much more Christmassy after dark when the birds have finished feeding.

Edible Decorations for the Birds

Use a bit of imagination to make some decorations for your tree or try some of our ideas. String some peanuts in shells (monkey nuts) onto strong thread to make garlands. We bought a bag from our local supermarket but they are also available from greengrocers and pet stores. Carefully make holes in fat balls (we drilled ours!) and put on wires then decorate with florist ribbon. Make parcels from suet blocks and tie with florist ribbon. Wire some fircones and dip in melted fat then small seed such as nyjer.

If you can think of any other ideas we would love to hear them and see pictures of your bird trees!

Merry Christmas and 10% Discount!

If you havn't got time to make decorations but still want to decorate a tree for the birds, you can buy ready made Seed Stars. Or why not hang some Nesting Wool Balls from your tree?

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December 2010

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A Christmas Tree for the Birds with Solar Fairy Lights

Edible Decorations for the Birds

Merry Christmas and 10% Discount!

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