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Go on an Easter Bug Hunt

With bees and other bugs under threat it's important to inspire children to appreciate them and not to stamp on everything that moves. Encourage them out into the garden this Easter, getting fresh air, to search for minibeasts. We stock a good range of nature exploration items and wildlife identification guides.

Boxes for Bees and Bugs

Now is a good time to position Solitary Bee and other insect boxes. These bees are essential to pollinate our crops and are in decline. Other beneficial insects such as Ladybirds & Lacewings will also appreciate these boxes and they eat a lot of garden pests. Ladybird attractant can be used to encourage them. Site in a warm, sunny, sheltered position, out of prevailing winds and close to vegetation. We have an exciting new range of craftsman made boxes or you can make your own using scraps of wood and Bamboo Tubes.

The Big Pond Dip

If you have a pond in your garden or nearby, another great outdoor family activity to enjoy is pond dipping. Its great to see just how many creatures can quickly inhabit even the smallest of ponds. Try to identify what you find and enter your results in Pond Conservations Big Pond Dip. You will find nets, jars and identification guides on our Pondlife page.

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April 2012

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Go on an Easter Bug Hunt

Boxes for Bees and Bugs

The Big Pond Dip

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